“My senior year of high school, I was fortunate enough to be able to assist Ms. Amanda Stalvey in some of the preparation and advertising for Flagstaff Grad Night. It was a great project to be included in, and an even better event to attend. With all the hassle of graduation and parties that were occurring, it was a relief to have an event that was already planned and was open to all the people that I was graduating with. The staff and workers put a great amount of time and effort into the event and it showed. In my opinion, this is one of the better places to be the night of graduation, especially with the crowded streets and other factors that go into that day. For many of us, grad night is one last chance to enjoy the people that we have known since we started school and it was a great memory to have, especially when all of the graduating seniors in the town being included. I highly recommend grad night to anyone who is unsure of what to do after their ceremony is over and for anyone who wants a night to enjoy their classmates one final time before they start their next journey.”  -Colton, Class of 2018 Graduate

“I enjoyed grad night because it was an amazing way to celebrate our achievements with our friends from all of the high schools, especially since so many people have parties at different times. It gave so many of my friends and I an opportunity to enter drawings that we would not have access to other wise, such as a car. I would highly recommend other seniors to attend grad night.”  -Rachel, Class of 2018 Graduate

” Best Night of my Life! In high school I was never one to go to parties much. So when I heard about the Grad night party, I thought it sounded like fun. I planned to go with a friend and not stay very long but boy was I wrong. I was there the whole time, having the best night ever! I tell all the kids I know that are still in high school, along with my bother (class of 2017) and his mates that you have to go to the Grad night.”   -Class of 2013

“Such a cool experience!  I loved the whole party!  It REALLY IS a party!  There are so many games and things to do!  The prizes were awesome and I even won one of the cash prizes they had that year!”    -Class of 2004

“What a great way to reconnect with old friends going to different high schools!”     -2015 Parent Volunteer

Grad night is a fun experience for high schoolers to celebrate the graduating class. They have fun activities, awesome food, and of course there is good company. It is something that they don’t want to miss out on!”  -Daniel, class of 2015

“It’s a great place to hang out with your friends and reconnect with old friends. The games, music, and prizes make it a wonderful, fun place to spend your last night of high school.”  -Jayden, class of 2015

“The students who attended had a good time. The games and prizes and food were great. I had so much fun volunteering and working that night.”     -2016 Volunteer

“It was so great to see so many of my former students celebrating their graduation!”      -2016 Volunteer/Teacher

“There was so much space for games! Volleyball with my best friends was the most amazing part.”        -Class of 2016

“Grad Night provides a safe, fun place for our community’s seniors to celebrate one of the biggest and most memorable nights of their lives. I enjoyed working at Grad Night and helping provide a safe venue to help these young adults take a positive step towards the next adventure life has to bring.”     -2016 FUSD Administrator

Grad night is a fun night for where graduates can celebrate their success. As a volunteer it was awesome to see the new grads meet with their friends and enjoy the night after their hard work in school. Come join in the fun whether you’re donating your time or a recent graduate!”    – Kayla, Volunteer